Our emblem, a watercolour portrait of a Bengal cat's head. Our emblem, a watercolour portrait of a Bengal cat's head.

Our Cat Care

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Bengal cat lying on her side, paw dangling down towards the words below.

TREAT YHeart outline replaces the letter OUR

TREAT YHeart outline replaces the letter OUR TINY TIGER

How We Care

We promise to do everything we can
to ensure your cat has the loveliest holiday.

Here's a little insight into how we care for our guests:

Getting To Know You

Shelby holding her paw out to say hello

Getting To Know You

It is always a pleasure to meet a new guest, learn what they love, their likes and dislikes, what they love doing, and participate in the blossoming of their character as they relax into their stay.

As we get to know them so well, we're perfectly prepared for their next holiday.

We are here to help make your cat happy and fulfilled while you are away.

Guest Gallery - Happy Cats

Settling You In

Cloud lying upside down on his cat carrier

Settling You In

Our top priority is one of the most important things you can do for cats, which is to provide extra care and support to help them settle in.

Our settling in process starts with being able to keep your cat's own carriage (travel basket) in their room to help them adjust and allow them to come and join us when they are ready.

We are happy to provide (or utilise your own) calming measures, including relaxing scents and supplements. We encourage comfort items from home too.

The oodles of personal time we spend with your cat is one of our star attractions. It's so important in helping cats feel safe, secure and loved. We earn their trust every day in all sorts of different ways and it all adds up to a much happier and faster settling-in time.

Guest Gallery - Cute Cats

Comfort Items

Millie the tortoiseshell and white cat sitting in the middle of her tropical cat tree!

Comfort Items

We're big on comfort items, so we always recommend you bring something from home that smells familiar to your cat, as it really does help them to settle into their new environment much faster.

It can be small, like favourite toys, or just something you've worn recently so your reassuring scent will be a comfort to your cat while you're away.

Or it can be something big, like a piece of furniture.

As you can see, Millie is very happy to have her (very much used and loved) glamorous tropical island cat tree from home with her!

Guest Gallery - Comfort Items from Home

Purrsonal Time

Tinker enjoying a lovely cuddly moment with Lynsey

Purrsonal Time

One-to-one cuddle time is top of our daily care schedule, as it's vital for our guests' wellbeing, as well as being something we absolutely love to do!

If your cat loves a cuddle, gentle stroking, feeling loved, then we will happily provide it.

We have the best job in the world, as we delight in making cats happy!

You can see our favourite holiday snaps in our Guest Galleries later on this website.

We also have thousands of photos of our guests on our Facebook page showing this, as well as responses from our lovely customers while they're away.

We fall in love with our cat guests every day!

Guest Gallery - Cuddles with Us

Play Time & Toys

Grey cat in the middle of some toys, a furry mouse with a tickly feather lime green tail and a helter-skelter lime green toy

Play Time & Toys

Play time is so important - when your cat is settled in enough and ready to play, we'll know.

We have a library of cat toys, ideas and games for all ages and interests, it's a question of personal matchmaking for each guest.

Guest Gallery - Playing with Toys

We introduce new games and novel things, hide treats for them to find and make exciting fluffy, ribboned or feathered objects fly for their entertainment!

You'll know what your cat loves, so you can give us a head start. We'll build on that to make their eyes shine brightly with what they love to do. After all, holiday time should be play time!

Guest Gallery - Playing with Us


Black and white cat playing with his Christmas present, a large penguin toy which has a lime green fluffy scarf!


If you have a present for your cat while you're away, we will happily provide it on the day you choose.

Here is Rolo playing with his Christmas present, a chunky knitted penguin he can roll about with, who happens to be sporting a very fluffy, feathery lime green scarf which is very, very exciting!

And sometimes, just a nice new cardboard box is the best thing ever.

It's all down to purrsonal choice!

Tinker's got her favourite Mini Ritz Crackers tub as a present!
Mungojerrie has caught the best toy ever (at the moment!)
Baloo with his beautifully wrapped present with a pink bow and pink wrapping paper printed with cartoon cats

Birthday Celebrations

Happy 2nd Birthday Oscar!

Oscar telling us all about his second birthday!
Oscar enjoying his birthday dinner.
Oscar happy and still wearing his Party Animal birthday hat


Two cats eating from cat-shaped bowls


If your cat is on a special or veterinary diet, we may request that you provide your own food, which will be fed in accordance with your exact instructions.

Jack enjoying his pate dinner
Prinny, Nori, Tiger and Bug cats eating their dinner simultaneously
DotDot by her cat feeding bowl


Khalfani enjoying a treat


Something special, Sir? Must-have-morsel Ma'am?

If you want to provide your cat's favourite treats, or a special treat for their holiday, we will happily give them at the times you specify.

As you can see, they are ALWAYS appreciated in your absence!

Dinah licking the end of a treat stick
Luna grabbing a treat stick with her paw - gimme!
Pebbles eating cat treats


Beautiful Ragdoll cats Loki and Amora by their water fountain


Naturally, fresh, clean water is available at all times.

Filtered Water

We provide filtered water to all our guests for the best taste and it also encourages them to keep fully hydrated.

Water Fountains

Does your cat have their own water fountain? You are very welcome to bring it with you!

Water Bowls

Multiple bowls are available for multi-cat families, or cats with kidney disease who must drink often.


Ginger and white cat lying on her back, blissful expression on her face, human hand caressing her heat whilst being groomed. Crackling fire in the background on the Cat TV


We will happily cater for your cat's daily grooming needs.

This calm, caring act helps keep your cat in tip-top condition, as well as it being another way of providing some more quality one-to-one time.

DIY Grooming

Fluffy cat posing by wall-mounted grooming brush

DIY Grooming

We have installed DIY grooming pads on some wall corners, which acts as a brush at head height, so your cat can have a groom, scent mark and have a scratch whenever they please.

That's a lot of fluffy fur, we'd better get started!

Guest Gallery - DIY Grooming

Cat Litter

Cat's head closeup appearing to pop up from bottom right corner of room to look into the camera!

Cat Litter

We provide natural wood pellets litter for guests.

However, you are welcome to bring your cat's favourite cat litter, as keeping things the same is important to many cats.

This means a great deal to particularly fussy cats!

Medical History

Please ensure that your cat's full pre-existing and relevant medical history is declared on our booking form.


Cat wearing a veterinary Elizabethan collar to protect his wounds, following a cat fight before he came for his holiday


We will give any required injections and medication to your cat at no extra cost.

It is all part of our personal care.

Rest assured, we will contact your own vet should the need arise.

We want to ensure everything possible is ready to help your cat be comfortable and well during their stay, so please do contact us with any health or medical query you may have about your cat's condition and care while on holiday.


Pad Thai relaxing and posing!


Naturally, the health and welfare of all our guests is of paramount importance to us, so we cannot accept any cat without proof of up-to-date inoculations.


Cats must be treated for parasites and worms regularly.

Special Care

Shelby content and smiling close to the camera!

Special Care

We will give any required injections and medication to your cat at no extra cost.

We are happy to discuss any special requirements your cat has. We're here to provide loving care with extra help and kindness.

As you will see, some of our guests need a little extra help while recovering, have a medical condition or need more warmth.

We'll make sure you get everything you need, won't we Shelby!

Guest Gallery - Special Care

Senior Catizens

20 year old ginger cat Phoebe lying on a rug in front of the TV

Senior Cats

Some of our guests are senior catizens, including darling Phoebe, who is over 20 years young!

Jack a 16 year old catJack at 16 years
Meg, a 20 year old black and white cat Meg at 20 years
Ginger cat Phoebe at 20 years old standing on the windowsillPhoebe at 20 years

We Care

Whether it's your cat's first stay, or a return holiday, nothing is too much trouble.

We care, we nurture AND we have fun.

Please do contact us to discuss your cat's care and needs, whether you have general questions, a particular concern, or want to talk to us about any condition your cat has requirements for during their stay. That's what we're here for.

Lynsey & Carl x

Lynsey & Carl x

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